Galactic Avenger
Galactic Avenger
by Paul Hsieh


A Zillion Monkeys


The Story:

"They're everywhere! They've taken over the skies! They're coming for earth! They're ..."

Yesterday, that message came in from a colony ship making first contact with an apparent life form in Alpha Centauri. Today we know we are not alone in the universe but we wish we were. Our colonies and space stations from here to there have been attacked and overwhelmed. And we've just got a report that they have arrived at Pluto's orbit.

"So, they tell me you're a hot shot pilot. Your reputation preceeds you. Well we've got a pretty hot ship for you and I hope you make good use of it; it may be earth's last chance to hold off this extra terrestrial attack!"

So it looks like you've been resurrected from obscurity to save earth yet again.

The GALACTIC AVENGER is the ship you will be using. It uses the latest technology in terms of armament and shielding. Its missiles are fast and pack quite a punch. Most of the alien ships will be destroyed with only one direct hit. The armour is a high density alloy which can take a pounding. Its greatest design feature is its modularity. Additions and modifications can be made while it is in action. For example, the guns can turn into laser cannons or double barrelled missiles. The shielding can be repaired and its engines can be boosted. However each modification takes additional power sources. It is indeed a mighty ship but still needs a skilled pilot at its helm to survive the alien onslaught.

The Alien Enemy

Intelligence is sketchy, however probes that survived the initial onslaught reported back that there are thousands of alien attack vessels of varied design and characteristics. Each is powered by a spinning blue energy core. In building the Galactic Avenger we decided the only chance we had of matching their fire power and sheer numbers would be to be able to harness *their* energy cores. This will be a vital part of your strategy in trying to defeat them. It is believed that when destroying an enemy ship there is a chance that the energy core will be released and can be collected by the Galactic Avenger.


  • 80386 or compatible x86 CPU
  • DOS or Windows PC
  • About 2MB of free disk space.


  1. Select the download link above.

  2. Insert a formatted 3.5" floppy disk into your floppy drive and close the door.

  3. Unzip the archive (using pkunzip, info-zip or WinZip) onto the floppy disk.

  4. Run install.bat from the floppy disk and follow the instructions.

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