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Show Story  03/11/02   Creative Labs buys out 3DLabs 
Well this should keep them afloat while they try to fend off nVidia. Problem is that high end graphics actually requires all around good performance, and nVidia is not sitting idly by and just letting 3DLabs rest on their laurels. (While 3DLabs may still rule in geometry/line-draw speed, they lose to nVidia in nearly every other category.)

Creative Labs press release

Show Story  02/08/02   STMicro to sell off Imagination Technologies 
Show Story  05/17/01   Nintendo game cube uses embedded memory 
Show Story  12/15/00   3DFX sells its assets to nVidia 
Show Story  06/26/00   nVidia partners with ELSA on workstation products
Show Story  04/20/00   NeoMagic "refocusses" on Wireless 
Show Story  04/17/00   VIA acquires S3 graphics business 
Show Story  04/10/00   3DLabs buys out Intense3D 
Show Story  03/27/00   3DFX buys out GigaPixel 
Show Story  02/16/00   ATI buys out ArtX 
Show Story  11/05/99   Apple buys Raycer 
Show Story  08/19/99   Intel leave graphics add in card business 
Show Story  06/22/99   Diamond Multimedia in talks to be acquired by S3 
Show Story  12/14/98   3DFX acquires STB Graphics 
Show Story  10/26/98   ATI buys out Chromatic Research 
Show Story  06/24/98   Micron buys out Rendition 

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